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Decision-making is not my strength. I will spend twenty minutes in the aisle of a grocery store staring at butter, because I am not only imagining the perfect chocolate chip cookie but weighing out price, organic or conventional, salted or unsalted… and can that wholesome cow on the label confirm that I am making the correct choice?

And so, our spring projects have stretched on, week after week, while Jacob patiently waits for me to make up my mind: What are we going to call this whole project, anyway? How should we market our products? Which varieties of seeds should we order? When should we plant our onions? How many piglets should we buy? Should our logo be oriented vertically or horizontally? How much should we charge for our CSA shares?

These discussions are constantly evolving. They require energy: After eight pm, I am typically unable to focus on the High Mowing Seeds catalogue to decide between the bolt resistant- Renegade spinach versus the downy mildew resistant- Corvair spinach. They call on experience: We’ll need to calculate the number of feet of row cover we need based on the row feet of our most vulnerable crops. They take time: we made a final decision about our farm name probably half a dozen times, each of which I sat with overnight and then discarded.

Today is March 8. We have applied to the Westford and Essex Farmer’s Markets. Jacob has organized a four-page seed order. We have located piglets that will be ready to bring home the third week of April. We have sent our paperwork to the Vermont Secretary of State for the farm to become a Limited Liability Company. We have started 3,000 onion seeds – 1200 Walla Walla sweet onions, 1200 Cortland and 600 Red Wing – in the germinator, and they are now spiking their way up through the soil. We have prepared beds in the greenhouse to start spinach, carrots and beets to be ready by June 1. We can be reached at humblerainfarm@gmail.com.




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